The Extraordinary Life of Josef Ganz - The Jewish Engineer Behind Hitler's Volkswagen

By Paul Schilperoord

RVP Publishers, USA

1st print: November 2011
(hardcover edition)

2nd print: February 2012
(paperback edition)

Based on five years of intensive research, this non-fiction novel tells the story of Josef Ganz, a German-Jewish engineer and journalist who masterminded the design and development of the Volkswagen Beetle.


Future Tech - Innovations in Transportation

By Paul Schilperoord

Black Dog Publishing, UK

1st print: 2006
(paperback edition)

With in-depth chapters, and dozens of showcased concepts and prototypes for future vehicles from motorbikes and cars to trains and airplanes this book examines how we could be transporting ourselves in the coming decades.

A superbly researched new book
(The Times, UK 2006)


Techniek van de Toekomst

By Paul Schilperoord

Veen Magazines, NL

1st print: 2004
(hardcover edition)

Based around approximately 100 exciting concepts and prototypes from consumer products to transport design this book gives a fascinating glimpse into the (near) future, and shows the kind of products we could be using within the next years.

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