The La Curva espresso machine is currently being designed for La Marzocco, an artisan company, which has been hand-building high quality espresso machines in Florence, Italy, since 1927. La Curva is a new design for a professional lever-type espresso machine that unites modern design with the highest espresso quality and the unique heritage of La Marzocco.


The Florentine totem is a design for an information point with a flat screen to provide information for visitors. The Florentine totem started out as a design concept for an information kiosk for tourists in the historical city centre of Florence, Italy. The shape of the totem is based on the shape of the fleur-de-lis, the symbol of Florence. In 2013, the Florentine totem was redesigned and built for use in the entrance hall of the La Marzozzo espresso machine factory in San Piero a Sieve, Italy. The totem for La Marzocco has an open construction from stainless steel sheet material.


The Equilibrium espresso machine is a design concept that merges modern minimalistic lines with design elements of classic espresso machines. The machine is designed to produce a superb quality of espresso and cappuccino, whilst being an eye-catching piece in any modern or classic kitchen environment. High quality materials, such as stainless steel and durable plastics, ensure that the machine is built to last. Oggetti design is currently looking for a manufacturer to produce and market the Equilibrium espresso machine.


The V-Treck sports bicycle is a design concept that explores new technologies in bicycle suspension systems. The frame has an elegant, minimalistic design consisting of two main pieces that are connected at the front by a rotational hinge. At the back, underneath the seat, the two frame pieces are attached to a hydraulic shock absorber. Oggetti design is currently looking for a manufacturer to further develop, manufacture, and market the V-Treck bicycle.


The Bike Pod is a bicycle storage unit for use in the public space. It has been designed to offer full security parking for owners of expensive bicycles, who would else not dare park their bicycle in fear of theft. The Bike Pod encapsulates the bicycle in a strong plastic shell fitted with an electromagnetic locking system. The back piece of each Bike Pod, as well as of the kiosk, has two slots that fit bicycle wheels of different sizes. These can be used as a temporary bike rack. The slots are placed at different heights, to prevent interlocking of the bicycles’ handlebars. In 2011, at the Florence Design Academy, a working prototype of the Bike Pod was built in scale 1 to 2, using a combination of different model building techniques.

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Paul Schilperoord will speak about The Return Of The Lever Espresso Machine, at La Marzocco Out Of The Box 2013. SAVE THE DATE! 17, 18 & 19 October, 2013, Milan, Italy.

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